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Following the release of his debut novel, To Daddy, Who I Never Loved, Gary has working on his next release titled The Madness of E.W. and Lydie Marland.

In this epic odyssey, an oil tycoon finds himself married to a daughter who experiences a dramatic and tragic change in mental health.

The Madness of E.W. and Lydie Marland

The Oil Tycoon Who Married His Daughter, and Her Tragic Mental Health Odyssey

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A Novel by Gary Robert Pinnell

To Daddy, Who I Never Loved, is a young adult-literary-historical smashup. It is child-in-jeopardy lit, and it is a coming-of-age story narrated by a voice that readers can't stop thinking about.

Curtis Pye is hyperliterate; by age 15, he’s read one quarter of the books in Hell Creek High School Library.

Oklahoma schools are ordered to racially integrate in 1967, and to mainstream with special-needs students. Curtis, dark-skinned, curly-haired and of indeterminate race, is considered white. He is the first student to make friends with a black girl, Sammie Davis, and to befriend a Downs student, Stanley Jones.

Curtis has never spoken with a girl, but falls hopelessly, hormonally, despairingly infatuated with O’Murphy Scott.