Lydie Marland's Letters to Gracy Murray 1926 to 1945

Photos and Full Transcripts of Lydie's Letters About Marriage, Infidelity, Poverty, and Caring for an Ill Husband

Dive into the intimate world of Lydie Marland through her personal correspondence in Gary Robert Pinnell’s new release, Lydie Marland's Letters. This unique collection offers a profound glimpse into the private thoughts and day-to-day life of one of Oklahoma's most intriguing figures. Compiled and annotated with meticulous care, this ebook includes high-resolution photographs of Lydie’s original handwritten letters alongside full transcripts and historical insights that illuminate the context of each correspondence.

The Madness of E.W. and Lydie Marland

The Oil Baron's Scandalous Marriage to His Daughter and Her Heartbreaking Mental Health Journey

Delve into the turbulent lives of oil magnate E.W. Marland and his controversial wife Lydie in Gary Robert Pinnell's The Madness of E.W. and Lydie Marland. This enthralling tale chronicles the dazzling rise and dramatic fall of an oil empire, a scandalous marriage that captivated America, and the challenging journey from power to desperation. Unveiling previously unseen letters, this compelling narrative promises a fascinating exploration of ambition, love, and the fleeting nature of fortune.

To Daddy, Who I Never Loved

A captivating fusion of young adult, historical, and coming-of-age literature that will leave an unforgettable mark on your heart

Navigate the turbulent journey of adolescence with Curtis Pye in Gary Robert Pinnell's To Daddy, Who I Never Loved. This coming-of-age story set in the racially integrating Oklahoma schools of 1967 is a poignant exploration of social boundaries, friendship, and young love. As Curtis, a bookish teenager befriends peers from different backgrounds and wrestles with his first infatuation, readers are drawn into a transformative tale of self-discovery and social change.