Meet Curtis Pye

A fifteen-year-old sophomore in the 1960s with a story you'll never forget

Warning: themes of suicide, violence, bullying, sexual molestation, parental abandonment, rejection, self-harm, racism, and lovemaking. Several scenes may upset or offend some readers.

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Gary Robert Pinnell

Award Winning Author and Journalist

Gary Robert Pinnell is a retired journalist who worked with thirteen newspapers in seven states - Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida.

He won or shared two dozen newspaper awards, 1976 to 2017. Following retirement, he won short story and novel writing awards from Florida Writers Association and Oklahoma Writers Association.

Gary authored fictional memoir, To Daddy, Who I Never Loved, that was published in 2020. He is currently working on his next novel, The Madness of E.W. and Lydie Marland.

Gary Robert Pinnell