Chapter 10

Epic Fight Pickle stood outside Mrs. Lane’s classroom. “Parking lot, Cutie. After school.” I didn’t see his lips move. I’d been watching his eyes. Sammie Davis Jr. looked solemn. “You gonna fight Pickle?” I shook my head. “Why should I?” “Because you can’t back down.” “That’s in the student handbook?” Sammie’s hand clasped my shoulder.Continue reading “Chapter 10”

How to Build a Better Villain

The first thing writers should know about villains is that the best villains are such likeable guys. Anakin Skywalker, a good guy who was tricked by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Hans Landa, a charming, circumspect, polite SS officer who hunts and kills Jews, even women and children. The Joker, a pitiable character who could have beenContinue reading “How to Build a Better Villain”